About us

Since 90 years in the family, many generations succeeded one another, leading to a family hotel which today combines successfully both tradition and modernity.

In 1920, Paul Reinhardt placed the first stone of the family hotel known today. In order to enable his dream of opening a hostel, he decided to quit the job he had at the bakery on the Sülmer St.

My grand mother was 18 when my great grand father opened the hotel. She then gladly took place both in the reception of the guests and as cook. Back in the days it was very difficult for young women to learn a profession because there were no possibilities to get a formation for them. It was clear for her that she wanted to take over the hotel, and continue to the second generation. To be able to take the hotel as fast as possible she enrolled in a hotel school for girls located in Bruchsal. Once graduated, she was finally able to work in her father´s hotel.

The dark years of the WWII have not gone quietly. The bombardment that destroyed the city of Heilbronn on the 4 December 1944 also hit the house.

My grand father, Ernst Stricker didn´t let himself down. Money had to come back for the business to get back on its feet, to allow the family to keep its head above water. So he started a small business selling wine stored in old wooden barrels in the cellar and by making a hut to sell grilled saussages. This business was mostly workable because of the presence of the American troups in Heilbronn.

Bits by bits, the hotel was rebuilt. The friendship with the Americans in the after war years is still maintained today.

The 3rd generation started with the marriage of my parents. The organisation of the hotel got professionalised; having successfully finished his business formation, my father did the administration and the service. My mother ran the kitchen in the same time as she worked in a famous hotel in Mürrhardt called Sonne-Post. Both of them worked and helped until their 80s before taking a well-deserved retirement.

For my sister and I, the Grüner Kranz hotel was our cradle, we have been bathed in the atmosphere very early. So we both did an education in a hotel school, in the Victoria Hotel in Bad Mergentheim.

After my education, I got the opportunity to work in various countries around the world, in Japan, Switzerland and in France. In order to obtain the kitchen chef´s hat so desired, I attended school of chefs and restaurants; in the kitchen.

Born in 2000, our girl Anna is our sunshine. She grew up in the hotel, showing lots of personal commitment in continuing the tradition for the 5th generation.

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